How to Know When to Change Your Oil at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center New Port Richey

October 10, 2021

Today in the Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center New Port Richey auto care blog, we're going to talk to New Port Richey drivers about oil change intervals. It seems that as engine technology advances, oil change intervals become longer for Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center New Port Richey customers.... More

Out with the Old (Vehicle Parts that Wear Out)

October 3, 2021

Some drivers don't pay any attention to their vehicles until something breaks. Others take them into their service repair facility for maintenance even before a problem develops. Still, even if you fit into the second group, there are some parts on a vehicle that will simply wear out over time.... More

Too Hot to Handle (Vehicle Overheating)

September 26, 2021

In the hot weather, seeing steam coming from the engine compartment is something we all dread. No one wants that to happen to them. But if you know the signs of overheating and how to deal with it, you may be able to reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle, maybe even prevent getting stranded ... More

Do you have a Clue (Get the Most Out of a Service Visit)

September 19, 2021

When you head to the doctor, you probably have it in your mind what you're going to say about why you don't feel good. That way your doctor can use that information to diagnose your problem. You might want to think of that same approach when you take your vehicle in for a repair. Experts say wha... More

Improve Your Night Vision When Driving in New Port Richey

September 12, 2021

Night driving in New Port Richey is not as safe as daylight driving as evidenced by the increased accident rate at night. Much of that is simply because it's dark outside.Visibility is important to safe driving. Ninety percent of our driving decisions are based on what we see. And at night, we ju... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center New Port Richey: A Broken or Damaged Timing Belt

September 5, 2021

The timing belt rotates the cam shafts which open and close the valves that allow air, fuel, and exhaust to flow through the engine as it powers your car when you drive around New Port Richey.An old timing belt can lose a tooth in the belt allowing it to slip. The engine could stop or misfire. Ti... More

New Port Richey Car Owners Ask: Why Do I Need to Change My Serpentine Belt?

August 29, 2021

Any New Port Richey driver who understands preventive maintenance knows that if it ain't broke, don't fix it is bad auto advice. Replacing a part before it breaks is much less costly for New Port Richey residents than repairing the engine damage that comes after a part breaks or fails. A good exa... More

A Turn for the Worse (Using Turn Signals)

August 22, 2021

Distracted driving is bad, you know that. Daydreaming, talking on the cell phone, putting your makeup on in the rear view mirror. All bad. But there's something else that causes more than twice as many accidents, according to a recent study. And that's people who don't use their turn signals.... More

The Right Oil for the Season (Engine Oil Viscosity)

August 15, 2021

As the temperatures plunge, certain types of engine oil may not flow as easily as they did when it was warmer. Makes sense, doesn't it? Just like molasses gets thicker as the temperature goes down, engine oil does the same thing. So, maybe you're wondering if you have to change your oil as the s... More

Cooling System Components

August 8, 2021

Today we want to talk about a system in our vehicles the cooling system. It's one of those things that New Port Richey auto owners don't give much thought to until it fails and then they're stranded by the side of a road in FL.Cooling systems fail more often than any other mechanical system us... More